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World PCI Services
World PCI Custom Installation: Business Viewing Areas, Bars & Restaurants, Lodging & Institution, & Private Offices.

Lobbies, automotive, clinics & dental offices, and more. Entertain your customers while showing them you mean business. Give your customers the best selection of sports, music and entertainment while keeping them coming back for more. Your guests can have the best TV experience to any facility with unbeatable 100% digital quality picture and sound. Keep your office connected and employees happy with up to the minute news, entertainment, and sports. Call now and set up an appointment. (877) 900-7117

Toll Free 800 # and Virtual Phone Service

A World PCI 800 Number allows people to call you at no charge from anywhere in the US. These numbers are the same as World PCI Virtual Phone Numbers, except when someone calls your 800 number, it is completely toll free. When you set up an 800 number, it is another phone number that when dialed, the call is sent directly to your phone. People from all over the US can call you without having to dial a long distance number. Only $7.00 monthly and .05 cents per minute billing plus a one time $20 set up fee for service.


Credit Card Processing (Best Rates In The Industry)

How does this sound? NO SETUP FEES, NO EQUIPMENT TO BUY, NO CONTRACT REQUIRED, NO ANNUAL FEES, NO APPLICATION FEES, NO SHIPPING CHARGES! Better yet, how does rates as low as 1.59% to 2.23% with transaction fees as low as .20 cents make you feel? Monthly services are only $5-10 per month with a minimum quota of $25.00 which saves you money!


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